491px-Oozaru Goku
Goku's looked at the full moon and has become a gigantic oozaru and is wrecking pilaf's castl-...oh god..its seen you....And its running toward you....Yeah your dead His power level is 200 a HUUUUUUUGE step up compared to the others before him either you can try to knock him out or somehow revert him to normal. Also Emperor Pilaf, shu, and mai help you on Pilaf Plane they knock him down for 5 seconds then he gets up. You have to cut off his tail to win.

Second fight:

Well you've lost to jackie chun...its a sad tale yes..but had fun didn't you?..heh..and the moons comin u-...Wait...that kid..with the tail..wasn't he-..Oh...Oh hell......Well goku's turned into a oozaru again and since he's been training his power level's boosted up to 720 and jackie chun is charging up for you better hold him off for a while...since his power's increased he's a good deal harder then last time and since this time hundreds of civilans are around you should probably try to keep him in one area