Rage as a teen

Rage is a Saiyan lost that was sent to earth to study the planet but he liked earth and was raised by Piarates then he was taken to a town and went to school then, Thanatho's and his team Gokcha, Mitsubi and Fava arrived to go and find him. Army Tanks attacked them. Rage came to see what was going on. Then out of nowhere Fridge started to attack us. Rage let the team in his time machine and they explained he was a saiyan. They then landed on King Piccolo's invasion where they saw Master Mutaito die. Then Rage tried to leave the saiyans but was caught by Thanatho's and was then yelled at by Mitsubi. They then landed at Grandpa gohan's time and met Goku then at night. Rage transformed to an Oozaru. He attacked the tree's and Goku also changed and crushed Grandpa Gohan .

Kid Rage

rage as a kid

After a while Rage's tail was cut off. Then Mitsubi wanted to bring back Grandpa gohan for Goku. They then met Dr.Briefs to see if he didn't know where to find the DragonBall's then they went back to goku's and met Bulma who gave them a dragon Radar. Then at night they met a fellow saiyan Zora which Thanatho's liked. Then Rage tried to fix the time machine for Mitsubi. Then Rage went to see what was going on by the sea and they saw Master Roshi. They then when to an abandoned village, where rage got hit in the head with an ax! Then Rage and the gang were to stop the shapeshifting monster, Oolong to get the Dragonball. Rage and Thanatho's stopped Oolong and got the Dragonball. They then went to the dessert and fought Yamcha who cut off Mitsubi's tall off. Which off course Pissed Mitsubi off! He sparred Yamcha though. (don't feel like typing ox king will do later) Then they went to boss rabbits town, and Fava was turned to a carrot, but mitsubi stopped him. Then the dragonball's were stolen by Shu


Thanathos: Belives he's right in most situlations and is good friends

Gokcha: thinks he's smart about stuff

Mitsubi: He thinks he has anger managment but he still respects him

Fava: He thinks of her as a nice person

Zora: Doesn't really know Zora, but feels sorry for her at the most times

Roshi: He's terrified of him