Ren is a kid that the gang meets after Fava comes back with her and Mitsubi's son, while Mitsubi was teaching Vegra how to fight, Ren showed up and struck a conversatin commenting on Vegra's natural fighting skills. Then of course, MItsubi's proud Saiyan nature came out and bragged they where Saiyans a race of warriors. Then Ren left after Ren left, Akuma came and kidnapped Vegra (see Akuma for full story), than Fava took Ren's sword and gave it to Mitsubi, because the only way to beat Akuma was with Rens Sword. But the catch is if Akuma is killed Ren goes to hell or in other word Ren gets banished, after Mitsubi killed Akuma, Ren now resides in Hell where he met Vegra Sr Mitsubi's dad and Vegra Sr told Ren why Mitsubi acted how he did and why he was so protective, because Vegra and Fava is all he had than Ren asked if its true that the Saiyans are a race of powerful warriors then Vegra Sr went super Saiyan and showed Ren the power that he has and the power Mitsubi has and their parting words were Vegra Sr:"This is the power me and him share think twice next time you fight my son, or if you meet him again" than Ren was speachless while Vegra Sr turned around and walked away.